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Guided Swims

The emphasis in all our swims with Jurassic Coast Swimming is the pleasure of swimming. The pure enjoyment of being in the sea, stunning surroundings, great company and cake, there must always be cake! These guided swims are not about racing from A to B, they are about a passion for swimming. Whatever draws you into the ocean is ok with us. We are enamoured with the sea, serious about safety and conscious of leaving only ripples in our wake. Come and join us for fun, laughter and a little uplifting of your soul at a time when we could all do with a salty sea hug.

All swims will involve some degree of walking, the further you swim, the further we walk. The coast path can be steep and dramatic in places so be prepared for stunning scenery and building up a sweat before you swim! Some swims will even involve a RIB ride back to shore!

11th May, 22nd June 2024

Guided swims with plenty of safety cover to help you to start exploring new swim locations. No time pressure, just swim and enjoy the experience of being in a glorious location with like minded people. There will be get out points for anyone who wants to do a short swim.

This is perfect for new or nervous swimmers who haven't had much sea swimming experience or for those who are just wanting to swim at their own speed. Also great for early season swimmers who want to start training. There will be plenty of safety cover to follow all different speeds. Breaststoke or frontcrawl.

22nd June, 13th July & 28th September 2024

Guided swims with the emphasis on enjoying your surroundings rather than rushing from A to B. Swim into hidden caverns, float under arches, dive down to see the underwater reefs in the crystal clear waters of the Jurassic Coast. Perfect for those that have done a fair amount of sea swimming, but want to push themselves a little further. Front crawl advised.

17th August & 28th September 2024 

Guided swims for the more adventurous swimmers. Tide assisted swims which will explore the coastline in an unhurried fashion. Stunning scenery, beautiful clear waters and great company. Distance will depend on swimmers ability and we will cater to your ability, stronger swimmers will swim further and swims will be group dependent.

We don't offer specific swim locations with these guided swims, as the weather is boss and often messes up our plans, which means we have to cancel for safety reasons. So with this in mind, we offer a swim distance, which will be held in the most appropriate location for the predicted weather and confirm the location the week before. Durdle Door is an iconic swim, and one that many people want to tick off their bucket list of swims. It is a fantastic swim and one we do often, but it can also be treacherous so we only swim it when its safe to do so. If this is the only swim you want to do, please do contact us and we can organise a private group swim with you and your friends, where we can advise last minute when would be good to go.

Safety Please be aware that you must be comfortable swimming in cold water. Temperatures will range from 11.5 to 16.5 depending on the date of your swim. Wetsuits are recommended, although by no means compulsory if you are an acclimatised skins swimmer. Tow floats are compulsory. There will be safety kayakers and lifeguards on the water with you. Please note this is a guided swim and not a race. We will have different swim groups based on speed, but you MUST stick with your safety kayaker at all times.

Please also note that the walks can be challenging at times so if you have any mobility issues please let us know as some of the paths can be rough and uneven with steep steps etc..

Swim dates

Please see individual distances. Individual and private groups of swimmers can also be accommodated.

Start times are approximate and may be subject to change to make the most of tides.

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