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Swimmers Disclaimer & Medical Form

Please fill out the following form to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable swim


By signing this form you acknowledge the risks listed below and are happy to assume full responsibility for all risks involved in the swim:

Risks Include:

* Injury from collision with submerged or visible objects in the water

* Injury from wildlife in or around the area

* Injury when entering or exiting the water

* Injuries sustained while swimming in high risk areas such as through caves, around rocks or below cliff faces

* Sickness or disease from polluted water

* Hypothermia

* Drowning

I confirm that I am a strong swimmer and believe myself to be capable of participating in the swim event's full distance without assistance.

I have done previous acclimatisation swims of a similar distance and am capable of spending the appropriate time in the water.

I will not swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I will follow all instructions provided to me prior to and during the event.

It is preferred that swimmers wear wet suits, however acclimatised skins swimmers are very welcome IF prior permission has been given. Tow floats are compulsory and appropriate swimming footwear recommended for any swims involving rock/cave exploration. 

Do you have these or any other medical issues? Please tick if the answer is yes and give further details below
Please tick to acknowledge each statement.

Thanks for submitting!

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