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1-to-1 & Group, Open Water Swim Coaching in Weymouth

Beginners introduction to sea swimming
An introduction to the uplifting and amazing benefits of sea swimming. You will be taught a variety of important safety issues including suitable kit, when it is and isn't safe to swim, what to do if you do get into trouble, the after effects of swimming in the cold and most importantly, how to refuel after a swim (the answer to this one is usually cake & hot chocolate!)
I will be with you swimming in the water, on a rescue board or in a kayak to ensure you are safe at all times. I will look at your swimming techniq
ue and how you would like to improve it, whether it's to swim a little bit faster or further or simply to be more confident in the water. It is about YOU and what YOU would like to achieve, there is no pressure to perform I just want more people to enjoy the sea safely. The only pre-requisite is that you can comfortably swim 25m in a swimming pool.

Long Distance swim training
Individualised swim training plans available. A sports therapist for 24 years prior to training as an open water swim coach and having done long distance and endurance swims myself, I am uniquely qualified to provide detailed plans to include land-based strength training and water based distance training plans, specifically for you and your event that you would like to train for. We also offer training days and of course our distance training camp in the summer. Please contact us for further information.


Pool to Open water - Intermediate/Advanced swimmers - Levels 1 & 2
Open water swimming and sea swimming in particular comes with a unique set of challenges, never encountered in the pool. There is no line to keep an eye on to make sure you're swimming in a straight line, no end of the pool to grab hold of when you've run out of breath. Breathing, sighting & pacing are all that much harder in the sea, with waves and currents complicating things further.
I can coach you to swim smoothly & safely through even the most dynamic of conditions. Giving you the confidence to swim further and achieve your goals, whether it's your first swim event, a triathlon, 10k or channel swim that you are aiming for.

Above: Teaching from the paddleboard

Below: What's below the surface? Conquering a fear of seaweed

GH010176_1584632148646_high (1).jpg

Above: Crocodile eye sighting technique

Below: Good head position means no neck strain, reduced neck rub and a smoother swim

Children and Family Swimming
I am passionate about making children safe and happy in the water. I work as a volunteer coach at my local Surf Lifesaving Club where we work tirelessly to teach the importance of how to stay safe in the sea. This transfers over to my skills as an open water coach. Part of the lesson will always include some safety training. Coaching in the sea is completely different to pool swimming lessons. Often there is a fear of putting their head in the water, or a worry over jellyfish or seaweed. It is a step by step process designed to encourage and build confidence. Sea swimming is a unique experience, no two days are the same just as no two children are the same or will learn in the same way so I tailor the sessions accordingly.


Left: Safety training, how to signal for help in the sea
Below: Getting used to swimming in the sea, no pressure, just enjoying it.

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