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At Jurassic Coast Swimming we work hard to build positive working relationships with a variety of other companies. This is integral to the positive reputation that we have here in Dorset and beyond.


The Ruckraft

I have been using the Ruckraft since it's inception in 2018. As  a swimmer I discovered it when I was doing long distance training. I have found it invaluable when doing A to B swim routes either as a swimmer or as a guide. It is much easier to tow behind you than you might expect, causing little or no drag, it has also proved easier to deal with than regular tow-floats in windy and rough conditions. I attach my Gopro, vhf radio, fins and snacks on the outside, with the dry bag is big enough to carry walking boots, swim robes, extra swim kit, sleeping bag, even a tent. I have done full weekend trips with just one of these, it is incredibly versatile.

Ruckrafts are available to hire at any of our swims. Just let us know beforehand.

rraft durdle.jpg

Studland Watersports

One of our biggest supporters since our start has been Studland Watersports. From the early days when we were finding our feet, they have gone out of their way to help us. From RIB rides for swimmers coming back from Old Harry's to transporting safety crew & kit to Brownsea, they have consistently been there for us.  They have built a superb sauna on the beach which we use summer and winter. No JCS swim weekend is complete without a sauna on the beach!

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