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Long Distance Swim Training

Ultra 33.3, channel swims, Lake Windemere, Dart 10k

or any other distance swim challenge that you've set yourself,

we've got you covered.

Training Plans

We can help you with your training. Via zoom we will have an initial chat about your goals and current fitness level. We will then design a plan, just for you. This is not a generic plan, but fully individualised training plan that will help you to achieve the challenge you have set yourself. From 5k to 33k, it doesn't matter, we will help you get there. From land based strength & conditioning exercises to nutrition and mental resilience training, we will be with you every step of the way. Monthly zoom meets to support your progress and build your training plan as you progress. 

Day Swims

We have a range of swims throughout the year to help you train.

We have 1-2 & 3 km swims as well as 5km swims with a break in between for lunch in May, June & July to get your training started. We have 5+ km swims in August and September where we can increase the distance to up to 10k if required (supplement will apply)

We also have 3 Tuesdays in June & July for an hours swim coaching and workshop followed by a distance swim of up to 2 hours.

Long Distance Swim Camp

2nd-5th August


  • Expert swim coaching from coaches who have done marathon & endurance swims themselves

  • Stunning locations to swim in

  • Sauna, hot tub, ice baths & massage (extra cost & booking required) available

  • Relaxed atmosphere for you to get the most out of YOUR training

  • The opportunity to swim between 10km and 18km over the 3 days

  • Professional guides, lifeguards & coaches supporting you every step of the way

  • Glorious camping location next to Winfrith Heath, Dorset, just 15 mins from several swim locations along the Jurassic Coast

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