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Brownsea Island Swim Retreat;

28th June - 1st July 2024

Come and discover the delights of Brownsea Island and the surrounding area for an exciting weekend  swim retreat. The location is stunning, it is a bunkhouse on the beach at Brownsea Island. As you may know the island is only accessible by boat, so this is a real getaway. There are 3 dorms of 2 bunkbeds in each, so room for 12 people in total. Facilities are basic but comfortable. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and all your kit in a rucksack via the ferry. Your kit will be transported to the house once on the island. If you would like any further details please do email me and I can send you a link to the accommodation.
As with all Jurassic Coast Swimming events we will pack as much swimming in as possible, interspersed with lots of cake! We will provide breakfast and supper each day you are there, and lunch will be a café stop wherever we are swimming that day.
The itinerary is yet to be confirmed but we will swim part or all of the island, possibly over to Arne at some point, depending on tides. We will get the Rib over to Studland for a swim by Old Harry Rocks and there will be a sauna and sunrise/sunset swim at some point too. We may travel further afield to Chapman’s Pool and Dancing Ledge, but there is plenty to see and do around the island and Poole harbour.
The cost will be £445 p/p and includes accommodation, all swims, safety crew & swim guides, swim hats, food except lunch, alcohol and any extra snacks you may need,  The ferry cost is not included but entrance onto the island is

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